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Wire rope conveyor belt is widely used in coal mine shaft transportation because of its large bearing capacity and high running speed. In recent years, with the national attention to coal mine safety production, the flame retardant performance of conveyor belt has been put forward more stringent requirements. However, due to technical failure, the wear resistance of the conveyor belt is reduced. For example, after two years of operation, the conveyor belt of Daliuta coal mine's main shaft was seriously worn and the cable was exposed. If it is not repaired, it will not run or be damaged. This will greatly affect the production progress of the mine. Therefore, it is of great significance to repair the local wear of steel rope conveyor belt in time to ensure the normal production of coal mine.
1. Local wear repair method is the most commonly used method to repair the local damage of steel wire rope conveyor belt
(1) The local rubber vulcanization method uses a small vulcanizer to cure the local damage. Due to the size limitation of vulcanizing press, the repairing speed is only 0.5mh. This method is not suitable for long distance maintenance.
(2) The rubber repair method adopts the rubber repair method of German technology, which has the greatest advantage of fast repair speed. Polish the area to be repaired, apply glue and glue after cleaning, and then start the machine. The disadvantage is that after 60 to 90 days of operation, it usually falls off the rubber. The biggest problem is that if the conveyor belt is operated in a humid environment, water vapor will accumulate in the gap between the bonding surfaces and rust the cable. With the passage of time, the wire rope will rust and break, even cause the whole conveyor belt to break suddenly. It is understood that in 2006, Panjiang Coal and power company in Guizhou's Huopu mine occurred a steel rope conveyor belt fracture. This is because the local damage was repaired by a second rubber repair method. There is no problem with surface repair, but the paste area is concentrated. The corrosion caused by water vapor makes many steel cables break, which leads to the sudden fracture of conveyor belt, which leads to serious accidents.
In addition, the cost of this repair method is higher.
(3)橡胶修补胶涂料的修补方法国内外生产的橡胶修补胶是二组分聚氨酯胶。使用时,将两者倒在一起搅拌均匀,在一定时间内填充待修补表面并固化,成为橡胶状弹性体。固化时间通常为0.5至6小时,这与固化过程中的环境温度有关。固化的凝胶对传送带的表面具有良好的附着力,在测试室中的实验数据表明其可以达到6 kNm(180剥离强度)。因此,修复表面的粘合和密封效果非常好,并且不会有水蒸气氧化粘合表面上的导线。更有利的是其优异的耐磨性,并且阿克伦的磨损值是橡胶的4-6倍。优异的耐磨性是修复部分输送机磨损的关键要求。简而言之,此方法是修复钢丝绳传送带局部磨损的更有效方法。
(3) Repair method of rubber repair adhesive the rubber repair adhesive produced at home and abroad is a two-component polyurethane adhesive. When in use, the two are poured together and stirred evenly, and the surface to be repaired is filled and cured within a certain period of time to form a rubber like elastomer. The curing time is usually 0.5 to 6 hours, which is related to the ambient temperature during the curing process. The solidified gel has good adhesion to the surface of the conveyor belt. The experimental data in the test room indicate that it can reach 6 kNm (180 peel strength). Therefore, the bonding and sealing effect of the repair surface is very good, and there is no water vapor Oxidize the wire on the bonding surface. The most favorable is its excellent wear resistance, and the wear value of Akron is 4-6 times that of rubber. Excellent wear resistance is the key requirement to repair part of the conveyor wear. In short, this method is the most effective method to repair the local wear of steel wire rope conveyor belt.
The wire rope conveyor belt is exposed due to wear. If not sealed and covered, the wire rope may rust and cause the belt to break. In order to prolong its service life, it must be maintained. Through the comparison of three repair methods and repair practice in Daliuta mine, it is considered that the rubber repair rubber coating method is the best.
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