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The whole core conveyor belt uses flame retardant PVC wrapped fiber to achieve the purpose of flame retardant. Because of the poor adhesion of PVC and the difficulty of adhesion between layers, it is necessary to weave the fibers into one. In order to make the whole braided core filled with PVC paste, the belt core should not be woven very tightly. Therefore, the tension uniformity of the conveyor belt is realized by dipping PVC paste and stretching after initial plasticization, so that the whole core conveyor belt has the following congenital weaknesses.
(a) The poor adhesion between PVC slurry and chemical fiber, the two can not become a mechanical whole, and the stress dispersion is poor, which is the fundamental reason for the structural damage and short service life of the whole core conveyor belt. However, if the PVC paste can be plasticized to form a complete continuous homogeneous phase, the stress-strain coordination between the skeleton and the plastic will be better, and the strength and fatigue life of the conveyor belt will also be improved. For example, the frame of flame retardant whole core conveyor made by Fenner company in England is basically complete after two or three years, while the framework of some small and medium-sized manufacturers in China is loose and damaged in about a year. The inherent deficiencies in the revision make the production technology and technology of the whole core conveyor subtle. Using the same raw materials, the same technology and equipment, the same quality products may not be produced.
(b) PVC has high hardness, poor flexibility, almost no buffering effect, poor impact resistance of the whole core conveyor belt, and easy to cause traumatic damage.
(c) Because the weaving structure of the core is relatively loose, the cotton yarn with low twist and strong deformation capacity occupies a certain space, so even after forming and stretching, the overall tension of the core is difficult to be consistent, and the relaxation of the core after plasticization is inevitable. This is the main reason for the lotus leaf edge relaxation after using many whole core conveyor belts for a period of time, and it is also the reason that the conveyor belt is easy to bend. Of course, the root cause of lotus leaf edge on conveyor belt is the high growth rate of chemical fiber itself.
(d) The elongation of PVC is quite different from that of rubber. If the target rubber is too thick (more than 3 mm) when the rubber is used to protect the conveyor belt (PVG conveyor belt), the obvious 90 peel stress concentration will be formed on the bonding interface, which is easy to cause the target rubber to fall off.
In a word, although the technical indicators of PVC flame retardant core conveyor can meet the requirements of underground coal mine, its fatigue life and wear life are very short, which not only improves the use cost, but also brings unstable factors to the production. The structure and material of laminated canvas conveyor belt can avoid the above shortcomings of the whole core conveyor belt, such as uniform tension and low stress elongation and deformation during weaving, soft resistance to impact after pasting, good adhesion between target and core, and free adjustment of target thickness. These essential advantages of the whole conveyor belt make the laminated canvas conveyor belt have the advantages of uniform tension, low stress elongation and deformation, soft resistance to impact after pasting, good adhesion between target and core, and free adjustment of target thickness Long life, stability and reliability. If the flame retardant problem of canvas can be well solved, laminated canvas conveyor belt will be widely used in coal mine instead of whole core conveyor belt.





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