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1.综采设备与带式输送机不匹配。综采设备增加,而带式输送机落后。(目前使用的MG250/675-QWD采煤机生产能力为1400 t/h,SEE  830/315转载机输送能力为1500t/h,DSP1080-1000带式输送机输送能力为800t/h)皮带超载。
1. The comprehensive mining equipment does not match the belt conveyor. The comprehensive mining equipment is increased, while the belt conveyor is backward. (at present, the maximum production capacity of MG250 / 675-qwd shearer is 1400t / h, the maximum transportation capacity of see 830 / 315 transfer machine is 1500t / h, and the maximum transportation capacity of dsp1080-1000 belt conveyor is 800t / h) the belt is overloaded.
2. There are many factors leading to belt deviation, mainly including (1) water supply during belt operation. The water content of coal seam is large; the tail of the front Lane transfer machine is low, the drainage and lifting are not timely, and the water supply and operation deviation are continuous during operation. (2) Belt conveyors use belts from different manufacturers. The transverse and longitudinal elongation coefficients of conveyor belt are different, and the conveyor belt deviates. (3) The belt joint is not straight, resulting in uneven stress on both sides of the belt and arc bending deviation at the joint. (4) When pulling the transfer machine, the tail of the conveyor belt is displaced, and the tail cannot be adjusted in time, resulting in the deviation of the conveyor belt. (5) The belt is overloaded, causing the belt to scratch and slip, falling to the tension, guide rail and roller, tail, causing the roller to hide the goods and run to the wrong side.
3. Under heavy load, the flame-retardant conveyor belt bends at the groove angle position and the top groove for a long time. After unloading, the conveyor belt returns to its original condition. During operation, the conveyor belt bends and folds for a long time. The conveyor belt reaches the fatigue limit at the link position of the three-stage idler. The surface adhesive is separated from the belt core, causing damage to the belt longitudinal opening.
4.卸煤滚筒,尾滚筒,导轨滚筒, 张紧滚筒与整机不匹配,而滚筒直径较小。输送带纵向转动360度,输送带长时间通过各种滚筒,粘接面疲劳开裂,输送带芯部被进水侵蚀损坏。
4. The coal unloading drum, tail drum, guide rail drum and tension drum do not match the whole machine, while the drum diameter is small. When the conveyor belt rotates 360 degrees longitudinally and passes through various rollers for a long time, the bonding surface is fatigue cracked and the core of the conveyor belt is damaged by water erosion.
5. When the conveyor belt is fully loaded, there are sundries or large coal blocks on it. When the machine stops moving and unloading, and when the machine is restarted, it will lead to heavy lifting, belt overload, joint fracture and adhesive surface cracking, thus reducing the service life of the conveyor belt.
6. There is a big drop in the transfer point. The impact of raw coal on the conveyor belt results in the surface spot damage of the conveyor belt, and the core of the conveyor belt is corroded, aged and damaged.
7. The maintenance, operation and maintenance of the conveyor belt (conveyor) are not in place; the maintenance personnel or tape driver have a weak sense of responsibility, the patrol inspection is not in place, and the hidden dangers of the tape cannot be found and handled in time, resulting in the damage of the tape. For example, the roller is not very important, but if it is worn, a blade will appear, which may seriously damage the conveyor belt.
8. Improper storage. The storage temperature of conveyor belt is required to be between 15-40; avoid sun and rain. The newly purchased conveyor belt was not put into use in time. Due to the cold and lack of warm storage in the area, it began to harden and even crack before use.
9. Quality problems of conveyor belt itself. The flame retardant added in the processing of conveyor belt reduces the strength of the conveyor belt; the braided core wire does not meet the standard, and the conveyor belt is only used for one month, and there are longitudinal openings at some points
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