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  Conveyor belts inevitably suffer from various kinds of damage in the process of application, such as material handling and various mixing tools, which may lead to longitudinal pinching cracks embedded in the conveyor belt at any time. (especially easy to occur on tubular conveyor belts and steel conveyor belts) or the use of mechanical belt outlet fall off, roller damage, steel wire core exposure, feed baffle damage, etc., leading to belt run off, can cause longitudinal tear of conveyor belts. Rubber repair is easier to repair these defects than vulcanization repair, faster and more economical. Rubber repair agent is a prepolymer alkali compound, which is a two-component liquid at room temperature. Polyurethane rubber was cured at room temperature after mixing proportionally. It has good combination with conveyor belt and metal body, high elasticity, high wear resistance and high toughness.
  The repair process is divided into three steps:
  Surface treatment. The purpose of surface coating is to make the repairing agent bond better with the conveyor belt skeleton. The key to successful repair is to grind the break into 60-90 degree grooves and clean the surface. In operation, different grooves should be cut according to the damage. It is best to grind with a grinding wheel and clean with a cleaning solution (such as acetone).
  Glue and repair. Choose liquid repair agent, mix resin and curing agent in proportion, mix evenly and then coat the damaged surface. Generally speaking, the curing time is from a few minutes to more than ten minutes. Repair work must be completed before curing. The groove should be larger so that the repairing agent can adhere to the undamaged covering glue.
  Maintain health. The repairing agent is self-vulcanized at the groove to obtain its physicochemical properties and bonding effect with the matrix. Usually at room temperature for several hours to several days, the initial hours of basic maintenance, can reach 70% - 80% of the total curing degree, 24 hours a day can reach 90%. When the ambient temperature rises, the curing time is obviously shortened. Therefore, in winter outdoor construction, it is necessary to add thermal insulation or maintenance measures.
  Conveyor belt connection and repair can be used for peeling machine, hole opener, edge sealing machine, grinder, dryer and other mechanized and automated tools, domestic production. With the application of nanotechnology, ceramic mm-synthetic rubber 95 was found to be able to repair damaged conveyor belts immediately, and Mm-ss steel ceramics could repair cracks in racks, rolls and other parts.
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